Weekly photo

A photo of a subject or location taken somewhere in or near Lawrence, Ks.

Info on how this game is played


The Carnegie Library building at 9th and Vermont.

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In Plain Sight 10/4/2017

Another image from an obscure (or not) location in Lawrence.

Info on how this game is played

The back of the Aladdin Cafe

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In Plain Sight 9/25/2017

This week’s image of a secret location in the greater Lawrence area.

Here’s the background for these posts.

From the Japanese Friendship Garden next to the Wakins Museum

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In Plain Sight (9/13/2017- early)

I’m out of town, so wanted to get the image up early this week. This might be an easy one…. I’ve kept them all downtown up to now.  Will that trend continue?  This will go on the Lawrence Subreddit tomorrow.


The building

…near 7th and Mass, accross from Free State Brewery

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In Plain Sight 9/7/2017

Below are images of a location in Lawrence, Ks. The locations are usually popular, common, or specifically noteworthy.  This post is a contest that invites readers to identify the subject or location.  Additional images will be added regularly until someone correctly identifies the subject.

Additional info can be found in this post: 

More of the entire image:

Another angle

And a view from outside

Located in the back of the Amyx Barber shop near 9th and Mass.

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Another summer ends

The pool being emptied.

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Where is this?

Several years ago I had a blog on the LJWorld website. One of the things I did was to take pictures of various subjects around town, crop the image to make it barely recognizable, then invite the readers to identify it. Over a few days, I’d post larger images until someone recognized the location/subject (and posted it in the comments).

The LJWorld took the blogs off their main page and I discontinued that series of posts. Here I’m trying it again.

If you’re interested, you can find my old blog on the LJW here.


You’ll have to go back a couple of pages for the more interesting posts (If, indeed, you find them so), and the formatting of some of the really old posts may be messed up due to software changes on their site.

For now, I’m posting these on the Lawrence subreddit, also.

Here is a second image with more info:

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First amazon review

The years have mellowed me. At one time, receiving a review of my novel such as this would have cause me to retreat and give up. Now I’m more determined than ever.

“Obviously written in another language with bad translation. Amazon should be embarrassed.”

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Out and about on a hot day

The bank thermometer reads 98. Outside the library there are kids playing in the shade. When we worry about how much time our kids–and we ourselves–spend inside, behind a computer screen, it’s nice to see a few people undeterred by the weather (saying “heat”, for me, is too much of a downer to say on such a nice day.

Maybe we will find a happy medium between our tech toys and the real world around us.

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