In Plain Sight: The “rules”

Long ago I had a blog that was visible on the Lawrence Journal World website.  In Simple Words, which was, ironically, mostly photos.

In it, I published a series of posts that I referred to as “In Plain Sight”. In these posts, I would publish photos of a prominent–or sometimes not–landmark in the Lawrence area.  Viewers were invited to try and guess the location or subject of the photo.

Wait a minute!

It wasn’t quite that easy.  I didn’t publish the whole photo at first. On the first day, I only a small section of the photo was visible. On subsequent days, larger and larger parts of the photo were available.

It has a small, but loyal, following. I had a lot of fun and posted pretty reliably for the better part of two years.  Other commitments interered, but it was a lot of fun.

Now, I work downtown and as I wonder around the area, the itch has started.  I don’t have the visibility that the front page of the LJW once game me, but I think I’ll be posting some photos regardless of the response.