Good online (science) fiction?

I recently signed up for the trial of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. For $9.99 I have access to many thousands of books. Having recently written a novel, I’m looking for ways to learn the ropes of online publishing, promote my novel (at least a little), and compare it against what is out there.

What I’ve found is that pretty much everything….well… sucks. The premises are silly, or really bizarre. The prose is, at best, a little awkward with most being written first person. My tastes run towards realistic or speculative fiction, but anything that is well written would likely appeal to me. There is good work out there, the best authors can still write, although I’m surprised at the quality of some work that makes the NY Times bestseller list.

Is this only true for Sci Fi? I see a huge number of romance novels–on the rare occasion I look at all genres. I’ve looked at them even less, but I suspect there is a wide variety in the quality of these works, too.

Are there any really good Sci Fi novels on Amazon Kindle Unlimited? Or Wattpad or any other source for new authors to publish their work?

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