Online ebook pricing conundrum

I’ve been experimenting with a novel I wrote. I have it published on Amazon as an ebook (see below). I really am more interested in people reading it than I am in abeing paid.

The conundrum is what price to ask?  It’s currently listed at $2.99. If I price it at $.99, I think that the people who are most likely to enjoy it, will dismiss it.  I spent several years, off and on, working on it.  I’ve been through several drafts and polished it as much as I’m able.  When I compare the prose against books that cost $2.99 (my current price) and others that are more, they often seem more like drafts than finished novels….

A few people are actually purchasing it–to my surprise–, I don’t think they are friends and family. The complexities in such a simple endeavor have been quite a bit more then I expected.  My expectation was that no one would purchase it, and I’d soon give up in frustration.

So. I may lower the price, temporarily, too see what impact it has.  Then, who knows, I might make it $4.99

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