Where is this?

Several years ago I had a blog on the LJWorld website. One of the things I did was to take pictures of various subjects around town, crop the image to make it barely recognizable, then invite the readers to identify it. Over a few days, I’d post larger images until someone recognized the location/subject (and posted it in the comments).

The LJWorld took the blogs off their main page and I discontinued that series of posts. Here I’m trying it again.

If you’re interested, you can find my old blog on the LJW here.


You’ll have to go back a couple of pages for the more interesting posts (If, indeed, you find them so), and the formatting of some of the really old posts may be messed up due to software changes on their site.

For now, I’m posting these on the Lawrence subreddit, also.

Here is a second image with more info:

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